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  • One of Africa's finest new wildlife destinations

    It's really quite simple - Zimbabwe should be at the top of everyone's list of holiday destinations. This is a magnificent, vibrant country with impressive national parks and welcoming people. And, if you're yearning for a departure from the ordinary - Gwango is just for you!

  • Mngane, a surprising new friend at Gwango

    While we are enjoying many priceless moments on safari with friends from across the globe, our most memorable experience so far this year was a surprise visit at the lodge by an elephant who we have now named "Mngane', which means "friend" in the Ndebele language.

  • Why your next safari should be in Hwange

    Zimbabwe is still the jewel of Africa! The country offers safari experiences second to none with a vast array of affordable and unique destinations. Here are some of the reasons why your next safari should be in Hwange.